It is with great sadness and regret that we have postponed the 2020 “Touchy Subjects” Conference in Denmark. We have been monitoring the spread of the coronavirus and the increasing restrictions and concerns over international travel, conferences, and the fact that almost all of our events revolve around touch. We did not want this to become a “Touch-me-not” conference

Our plan therefore is to hold it next year 20-24 Mar 2021.

We are personally very sorry not to experience the togetherness, conversations, and experiences that the conference would make possible, as well as the joy of sharing time together.
But we felt it necessary to be proactive with regard to health and safety, and to not put pressure on anyone to attend when they might not want to (because they felt an obligation to us or to having made plans).
With love and care, and to be continued! Joe, Dorte & Andreas, conference organizers

Old Schedule

We had a super response and now have to balance size of venue with desire for participation in the first edition of:
“Touchy Subjects” 21-25 March 2020
an Experiential Conference in Denmark

Welcoming practitioners from the worlds of performance, therapy, art, fascia, sensors, medicine and neuroscience. We are looking for people who are deeply interested in the touchy subject TOUCH, and have been or are currently researching, studying, performing, practicing within the field.

“Touchy Subjects responds by taking the opportunity to bring together practitioners from the worlds of performance, therapy, art, fascia, sensors, medicine and neuroscience, to share joint experiences, learn from them and each other, and explore new approaches to researching TOUCH.”

The neurotypical normativity of touch often means that non-touch is an assumed baseline, that face-to-face encounters in chairs and talking are expected, and that consent is still rare in almost all situations. As the me-too movement has enabled public discussions of touch and consent to enter a new stage, we are interested in how to honor the richness of touch in different modalities, different settings, and in neurodiversity.

The conference will be in Copenhagen from 21-22 March, and at Aarnus University 24-25 March. We begin in Copenhagen at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, with two days of workshops and experiences: art installations, performances, presentations, and guided explorations. The second two days are at Aarhus University and host presentations and conversations across neuroscience, bodywork, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.

A collaboration between IMC (Interacting Mind Centre) Aarhus University, and the Danish National School of Performing Arts.


Dorte Bjerre Jensen, Joe Dumit, & Andreas Roepstorff

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Touchy Subjects accumulating

Here are our participants.

Copenhagen Workshops & Experiences & Discussions

Aarhus University Presentations & Discussions


If you’re interested, contact us at Please let us know about yourself, your interest in this conference, your interests in general. And if you’d like to be part of the evolving program!



Dorte Bjerre Jensen

Dorte Bjerre Jensen is a dancer/performer, researcher, therapist, teacher and organizer, and she is deeply interested in bodily movement and expression as an art form both in practice and in theory. As an artist she creates, directs and performs.

Joseph Dumit

Joe Dumit is an anthropologist of passions, brains, games, bodies, improvisation, drugs, and facts. He is chair of Performance Studies and professor of Science & Technology Studies and Anthropology at UC Davis. He directs the Group Improvisation Lab Labs as part of the ModLab.

Andreas Roepstorff

Andreas Roepstorff is director of the Centre for Interacting Minds and professor of Cognition, Communication and Culture in the Department of Clinical Medicine and School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University.

Get in touch

Get in touch

Contact us at Please let us know about yourself, your interest in this conference, your interests in general. We cannot add you to the program but want to help circulate your interest!