Pipaluk Supernova

Strangers Oracle

A secret one to one dance experience

Meet the Oracle, a reciprocity of your own physical presence, a moment in the company of a stranger, anyone and everyone.

Through vibration and energy, the Oracle connects with your life at present. A song, a dance, all there ever was, all there ever will be. Your session with the Oracle is only for you, and lasts perhaps 5 minutes. Small gift for the Oracle is welcome.

In the waiting room you can drink tea, meditate, relax.

‘Strangers Oracle’ is an investigation into our ability and willingness to spontaneously connect with others. Not knowing what to expect, can be a game changer in making an energetic and physical connection.  The Oracle may be your dance partner, your therapist, your lover, your singer, someone to laugh with, or simply someone with whom to spend a moment in time. Whether meeting the Oracle leads you to towards healing, self discovery, a metaphysical experience, or something completely different, is an open question.

The artist (the Oracle) wishes to test her ability to meet anyone who steps through the door, with an open mind, a spontaneous and tender response. Applying dance, meditative touch and music.  As the experience is secret, no one, except you and the Oracle, will know what may reveal it self in the encounter.

Mette Terp Høybe & Marie Hallager

How can it not be fantastic to be touched?

Marie Hallager Andersen is a freelance dance artist with an MA Creative Practice from Trinity Laban in London. Through her diverse work with movement, especially in the context of somatic practices, she has developed a broad interest in the body. Her work spans performing dance improvisation, filmmaking and collaboration with other artists and with academics.


Mette Terp Høybye is an interdisciplinary researcher with a dual background in anthropology and health sciences. She is associate professor at IMC, Department of Clinical Medicin, Aarhus University and Silkeborg Regional Hospital. She has a keen interest in the role of the body and movement in knowledge making and explores how to engage the potential of sensory and body knowledge in research and practice in health settings.


Mary Margaret Groves

Mary Margaret is an artist from Tennessee, now based in Los Angeles, California.  Her works consist of paintings, installations and video art, gaining material from interpersonal research in the form of interviews and questionnaires. She is interested in what we learn when science and intuition collide.  

Her work focuses on connections between people, connections between microscopic and macroscopic worlds, and playful exploration of gender boundaries. She asks the viewer to toss aside conventional understanding of gender and sexuality, in order to play with genitalia in a gender fluid way.   


instagram: @mary.margaret.art


 Reflecting on the matter of body memory with my new textile material.
Touch is a delicate merge of fragile Icelandic wool fibers & solid carpet knots, transformed into subtle layers of fur-like shades of poetry, reflecting human body energy layers and body memory from touchy experiences.

 My soft piece is currently on public view in a group show called: IS THIS COLOUR, may 11th – june 23th in Copenhagen centre: THE ROUND TOWER.

Love Signe

“A living human skin is not just a surface. A living skin is the direct transition to a humans inner life. The heart. Before you get to touch your lovers skin, you travel through layers of invisible fur. This may take time. It may take a while before you get to touch the actual skin material. When you finally get there, you enter the actual merging fase. The more you touch, the more you will merge. After a while, your touch will be visible and you changed your lovers blueprint forever. Let it be a gentle touch. Like approaching an animal for the first time. Humble. Slow. With presence and respect ”

– Signe Emdal COVER magazine writes, may 2019 :The subject of touch and physical contact is very important in the current digital communication world we live in, as designer Signe Emdal agrees.
We have been following Danish textile artist and designer Signe Emdal´s creations in COVER since 2016. Her impressive weaving skills combine with highly original concepts, making the resulting pieces remarkable in more ways than one.Her latest work My Little Icelandic Pony will be part of an exhibition curated by Kontempo- an association of Nordic textile designers“Is this colour?”is at the Round Tower in Copenhagen, from 11 may – 22 june 2019.
“I usually work with industrial making of fabrics”, says Emdal. “Especially jacquard techniques, knitted and woven. But in august 2018 I created a new adventure with an analogue knot-tec. I named the technique “touch”. Its a hybrid of a few things.. READ MORE

ALASKA – Studio for Feeling

ALASKA – Studio for Feelings investigates emotions as bodily, sensuous phenomena. We understand humans as participant in their experiential evolutions and the development of what they can feel. Feelings are trained, habituated, and valorized, incorporated into our bodies and thus enacting the normative regimes of our societies. Therefore we ask: How and to what end are we moved and touched? Our work takes the shape of environments, workshops, performances and interactive installations.

ALASKA – Studio for Feelings are Anne-Sophie Reichert and Esther Vorwerk.

ALASKA’s latest project is a PREASURE LAB [pressure, pleasure]. Inspired by the work of the US-American autism activist and animal scientist Temple Grandin, the lab investigates the effects and affects of physical pressure on the human body. Grandin built herself a hug machine when she was in college: she desired the feeling of being held yet felt overstimulated by human touch. The lab provides a number of newly designed hug machines that put pressure on different parts of the body. Visitors interact with these devices and experience the sensuous and affective changes of being cared for by a machine. The PREASURE LAB, including somatic pressure workshops for adults and hug machine building for children has been set up in Berkeley, CA in 2018 and at Kunstpunkt gallery in Berlin in 2019.

ALASKA – Studio for Feelings
instagram @alaskafeels