Andreas Roepstorff

Andreas Roepstorff is director and professor of Cognition, Communication and Culture in the Department of Clinical Medicine and School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University. He speaks about his research during the workshop ‘Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting – Art and science at work in the public realm’, which was held at Studio Olafur Eliasson between 26 and 27 June 2018. The workshop was a collaboration between Olafur Eliasson and Andreas Roepstorff, Studio Olafur Eliasson, and the Interacting Minds Centre in Aarhus. The primary goals of the experiment were to create a sense of enthusiasm and possibility, to open up a fertile dialogue, to achieve consensus on critical topics for further engagement, and, finally, to engage participants through experiences and experiments rather than presentations, emphasising participation, embodiment, and collaboration. Publications and more.

Joseph Dumit

Joe Dumit is an anthropologist of passions, brains, games, bodies, drugs, and facts. He is chair of Performance Studies and professor of Science & Technology Studies and Anthropology at UC Davis (and former visiting professor at Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University). His books, Picturing Personhood: Brain Scans in Biomedical America, and Drugs for Life: How Pharmaceutical Companies Define Our Health, look at how knowledge is made and how facts get into our lives, beliefs and activities. His recent work has concentrated on how learning and training take place in bodyminds, transform people, and generate new possibilities for action through contact improvisation, performance studies, practice as research, and embodied mindfulness. Combining medical anthropology with movement research, he’s been delving into fascia – training in massage including cranial sacral, dissecting cadavers with Gil Hedley, teaching minds in motion with Nita Little, teaching improvisation and movement to neuroscientists and artists, creating a Fascia Research Movement Lab with Kevin O’Connor, combining neuroscience and CI with Asaf Bachrach and others, and working with 3D virtual reality technologies.

Dorte Bjerre Jensen

Dorte Bjerre Jensen (Denmark) is a dancer/performer, researcher, teacher, and organizer. She is deeply interested in bodily movement and expression as an art form both in practice and in theory. As an artist she creates, directs, and performs. Dorte holds an M.F.A from the Danish National School of Performing Arts “Dance Partnership” for professional dancers included an emphasis on artistic and pedagogical research. Additionally, Dorte is an educated Hatha Yoga teacher, Rosen Method therapist, and Conscious Touch therapist. She has been researching and practicing contacting improvisation for more than 20 years, and teaches contact improvisation nationally (DDSKS, The Academy of music, dance and Theatre, CORPUS The Royal Ballet, The Academy of fine Arts, Ophelia Acting School etc.)  and internationally at festivals, and in open workshops. She offers her work to professional dancers, actors, people in leadership roles, and to the general public. Dorte is the author of: “Facilitating Thinking-Touch through Process Philosophy and Contact Improvisation” in Thinking Touch: Artistic, Scientific and Philosophical Perspectives on Partnering and Contact Improvisation(forthcoming) Editor Malaika Sarco-Thomas: Cambridge Scholar Press Forthcoming, 2020 and “Kontaktimprovisation.” in Dans 22. Bevægelse. Koreografi. Performance , 129–141. Mie Lykke Nielsen : Frydenlund, 2018.

Film premiere and performance lecture by Olivia Curt Mesa and Dorte Bjerre Jensen.  The film INTIMACY portrays an artistic virtual research on the subject INTIMACY : Even if I can not touch you I feel that you are with me. It is the essence of genuine intimacy! (Marcel, 2008)