A Transdisciplinary Conference in Denmark
March 2023 (pre-corona schedule)

Copenhagen: Nikolaj Kunsthal

Saturday in March                                                                                                           

10 Welcome & Experience Sharing
11:30-13 Workshop: Nita Little –
           Relational Intelligence is an issue of Touch
13-14 Lunch (on-site)
14-16 Experiences throughout the building
16-17:30 Workshop: Kevin O’Connor –
            A Precarious Crossing: Touching Fascial Relations
17:30-18 Harvesting
18-20 Dinner time (on your own)
20-21:30 Workshop: Miriam Simun – Your Urge to Breathe Is a Lie
21:30-23 Into movement

Sunday in March

9:30-11 Workshop: Itay Yatuv – ContaKids
11-13 Experiences throughout the building
13-14 Lunch (on-site)
14-15:30 Workshop: Romain Bigé
15:30-16:30 Workshop: Dorte,Jenny,Helene
16:30-18 Harvesting
18+ Film premiere and performance lecture by Olivia Curt Mesa and Dorte Bjerre Jensen.
The film INTIMACY portrays an artistic virtual research on the subject INTIMACY : Even if I can not touch you I feel that you are with me. It is the essence of genuine intimacy!
( Marcel, 2008) — into movement


Kelly Dobson

Helene Nymann

Lea Kieffer

Mary Margaret Groves

ALASKA Studio for Feeling

Lissa Streeter

Mette Terp Høybe
& Marie Hallager

Jacob Aremark


Defne Erdur

Monday in March (Travel Day)

Aarhus: Interacting Minds Centre, Aarhus University

Tuesday in March

9:30 Welcome & Sharing
10-13 Lambros Malafouris – Thinking with Hands
Julian Stair – Touching Pottery Alexandra Middleton – Prosthetic Touch
13-14:30 Lunch (on-site)
14:30-17:30 Bruna Petreca – Materials Experience Lab Anna Ciaunica – Embodiment, Identity, and Touch tba
17:30-19:00 Harvesting & Reception

Wednesday in March

9:30-12:30 Frank Schumann & Jeff Haller – Feldenkrais as Touch Research
Jenny Graf – Playing with Healing tba
12:30-14 Lunch (on-site)
14-15 Joe Dumit & Andreas Roepstorff – Researching Experience
15-17 Harvesting Research Directions